Summer school had finished and as there were a couple of days to fill before ‘real ’ school began we offered to take 6 little cherubs to the park while Mand and Kate lazed in their sun chairs and drank gin ( just waiting for the comments on that one!) [EDITORS NOTE: guilty as charged 🍸😎].
To be honest I was a little reticent not being a great fan of animals being held in captivity but I was very impressed. The park is immaculately clean, the animals are well cared for and treated with respect.
Our charges were very well informed about the different species we saw but there were many helpful guys offering advice answering questions and just being welcoming.
I suggest getting there early at 9.50 ish – it opens at 10. You can then have the opportunity to have a good roam around the park before visiting the various demonstrations. After lunch (fast food but served quickly and very reasonably, 6 filled youngsters and 2 adults with drinks under 50Euros) you hit the pool area, this is where it gets even better!
Unlike usual parks where your entrance fee doesn’t include the best bits and you have to pay extra, not so in Lanzarote. The pools are clean and no shortage of sun chairs or shade. At 2pm we let them go….happy until 5pm when they closed.
Apart from the pleas for slush puppies drinks and ice cream it was great. Full supervision by life guards during the afternoon. According to our party who spent hours on rubber floats bombing down tubes and slides it was SO COOL!
Seriously, if you want a fun filled day at a fair price I highly recommend a visit.
You know I may even go again.
Jan x