Having experienced first hand (very recently) the vital importance of this card I thought it important to pass on this information to our LVD followers.

Obviously we advise all our clients to obtain holiday insurance to cover any unforseen mishaps but I would also advise you to obtain this card which is totally free of charge here


It takes a few minutes to fill in the form and your card is posted to you in about a week…easy.

No-one wants to be taken ill on holiday but in the event of a real emergency I can promise you the health care you will receive in Lanzarote is absolutely brilliant.

Unless extremely serious when obviously you should call an ambulance your first course of action is to go to the clinic in Tias which is open day and night. Take with you your passport and EHIC or GHIC card.. Enter the door marked URGENCIAS. They do speak English. Try to stay as calm as possible and treat the staff with respect. I guarantee you will assisted with patience and understanding they really are on the ball.

Minor health concerns can be effectively resolved for my Nazaret clients at the health center (SALUD) in Teguise. Its situated a few hundred yards on the left hand side after the chemist FARMACIA

Again take your health card and passport.

I sincerely hope this information is never needed but its always better to ‘Be prepared’ and if ever you are unsure whilst on holiday with us please feel welcome to call me and I will help in any way I can.

Please rest assured your health here in Lanzarote is taken very seriously.