Just in case you were thinking Aly and myself were on a diet you thought wrong. She hasn’t been too well but I am happy to report we are now back on the restaurant search.

As you are probably aware finding decent eateries at lunch  time isn’t easy, hence our ‘research’

Getting staff over here is an absolute nightmare at the moment as there is absolutely no accommodation for renting. It was therefore absolutely delightful to eat at Mamma Grazia’s and find happy smiling staff.

This little gem is in Punta Mujeres directions and opening times in Google of course.

We went in for a quick and easy lunch but last night regular clients  staying in our casita went for dinner and were really impressed.

They opted for the more specialised dishes and yes they had to wait for a while but as it was freshly prepared in front of them and the result was worth the wait. They are certainly visiting again before returning home.

I have taken the grandkids, they were more than happy.

Worth a try.