Continuing our little trip ‘Up North’ I must mention the little mojito bar situated in a superb location a few yards away from the beach bar that I recommended last week. The beach bar is not open in the evening so visitors drift over to this converted camper van and while away the evening. I took the family there for my birthday; you can spot us in the distance.
If you are hungry I suggest a very short walk to the beach restaurant which is open from 10am to 10pm every day of the week. The meals are typically Spanish but be wary, the very enthusiastic waiters will try very hard to persuade you to have the ‘fish of the day’. Absolutely nothing wrong with this is but the bill may give you a bit of a shock! If you are unsure stick to the priced menu.
As the evenings get chillier, El Lago – a very short drive along the coast on the left as you approach Punta Mujeres -is owned by the same family offering a similar menu and lots of indoor seating.
Lastly I must mention Amanecer… regular guests will know this particular restaurant very well. Until recently it was renowned for its fresh fish but to be honest the two eateries I have already mentioned are catching up fast AND Amanecer’s prices have increased.
So as you can see there are lots of places to try for drinks, refreshm ents or a hearty meal. Do try at least one.. I know you won’t be disappointed.