Every so often you just have to ‘do’ Haria again, that quaint little village nestled in the hillside ‘land of a thousand palms.’
We so remember when donkies welcomed the tourists in the square and took them ambling round the village and we spent happy times in the ‘museum of the minature’
Todays visit was to the artisan market where locals have their hand made goods on display and local fresh produce is beautifully displayed. We were cheerfully greeted by the local Guardia who took our names checked our masks and temperature, just in case.
It was sunny warm friendly and welcoming; there was a lovely buzz.
Onto a new local art exhibition in the alijbe not our cup of tea but beautifully set out. We were intrigued by the smalls displayed outside on a washing line so just had to investigate.
Onwards to the local food market where we had a 1 euro coffee very good it was too.
We were fully aware that the many of the tourist must sees are open now. We hoped Caesar Manrique’s house was open too unfortunately it was not the case, another trip
planned but the walk there was lovely.
A trip up north is so worth while and on our island nothing is far away.
We so hope you are able to join us soon.