One disadvantage of someone buying you a fit bit is its continual reminders to get up and do something! 10,000 steps being the recommended daily exercise we decided to do the costal walk from the outskirts of Punta Mujeres along the coastal footpath taking in the natural swimming pools. The weather at the moment in mid-February just could not be better, a lovely 22 degrees at 10am. Park your car in one of the many places outside Casitas Del Mar ( where Tres Palmeras is located), walk on the sea side and you will see a footpath down to the right. You can walk  next to the sea up to the small children’s park.

If you are a swimmer  the pools are safe and easily accessible; if not the walk is really lovely, safe and flat. On the way back there is small café that serves a decent coffee overlooking the sea. I took a few photos at low tide on the way and yes the fit bit congratulated me on the completed walk….enjoy!