Here are some key things to note:

We drive on the right!

Cars here are left hand drive and we drive on he right side of the road. You’ll get used to it very quickly, but a couple of things might feel odd if you are used to right hand drive. You’ll find the central interior mirror feels as though it’s in the wrong place, and changing gear will feel a little odd with your right hand. If you’re concerned about the latter, hire an automatic.

Also remember on a dual carriageway, you should stay in the nearside (right hand) lane unless you are overtaking.


The first thing to note is that we go around them anti-clockwise. The rules are also different here – traffic in the outside lane has right of way. That means you will often see people going all the way around a roundabout in the outside lane, even if they are leaving at the 3rd or 4th exit. Just make sure you are in that outside lane at the point you want to leave the roundabout.

Stop Signs

If you come to a stop sign at a T-Junction, you have to stop, even if you can see the road is clear. A stop is mandatory here, so make sure you do so.

Solid white lines

You must never cross a solid white line, either to overtake or to turn.


You’ll see many more bikes on the roads of Lanzarote than in many other places. Of course, they have just as much right to use the roads as car drivers or pedestrians. If they are riding in a group, they will usually ride two abreast in a “peloton” which means thir line is shorter for you to overtake. Wait for a moment when there are no solid lines and the road ahead is clear, then pass the cyclists leaving at least 1.5 metres clear on your nearside.


You should park in the direction of the traffic, especially at night so your reflectors are presented to traffic. You shouldn’t swing across the road to park facing the oncoming traffic.

Slip roads

Slip roads onto main roads can be quite short here, and traffic on the main road is not obliged to let you filter in, so be prepared to stop if you don’t have a clear entry into the traffic.

Right turns onto a road

When you turn right from one road to another, you should give way to any on coming traffic turning left into the same road. You’ll see marking which show you where to stop to let the left turner through.


It doesn’t rain often in Lanzarote, but when it does, turn your headlights on, and remember the roads can be slippery if it’s the first rain for months.

A left indicator is often used to show you the car in front is stopping

You may have noticed that when cars stop at pedestrian crossings, they put their left indicator on. That signals the car behind, but also the pedestrian that they have been seen and it is safe to cross.

Seat belts

All occupants must wear seat belts. Children under 18KG in weight must be in child seats and those under 135CM tall should be in the rear seats on a booster.

Drinking and driving

The legal alcohol limit here is 0.05% and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offence.


The police here maintain a strong presence on the roads and they are permitted to stop traffic for road side checks. Ensure you have your driving licence with you when driving, and if it’s not a photo type, you should have photo ID with you. Also keep a copy of your hire agreement in the car.

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