I have had quite a few messages from guests asking me what the situation is like over here at the moment, regarding the use of masks..
The law is that masks must be worn in public places where a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained – this applies to open air as well as inside buildings. I have noticed though that in general most people wear masks when in shops whether the distance can be kept or not – it’s more like a sort of common courtesy that has been adopted.
In bars and restaurants masks must be worn whilst walking through the building but can be removed once you are seated. However if you do leave the table, for example to use the bathroom, then you should put your mask back on.They must be worn on public transport and when sharing a car with someone who isnt in your family.
Again the rule for beaches is that a mask must be worn unless you can maintain the 1.5m distance but so far the beaches are still very quiet so I don’t recall having seen anyone using them there.
Please bear in mind you MUST have a mask with you at all times in case of the need to use one, as on the spot fines start at 100€ if you don’t have one. People with health issues that make wearing a mask difficult can be exempt from the rule if they have a doctor’s note explaining that they should not be made to wear one, and children under the age of 6 also do not have to, although it is advised for children of ages 3-5.
To be honest wearing masks over here has just been accepted as part of the “new normal” – it doesn’t seem to affect anyone´s enjoyment of the island, and we are just getting on with it. It still feels like Lanzarote – a lovely, relaxing and safe place to be.
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