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Getting from and back to the airport

 You have a few options – airport transfers can be arranged in advance in shuttle buses, taxis at the airport are plentiful and around €20 to €25 to Costa Teguise or Puerto del Carmen. Playa Blanca will be expensive in a taxi, though. There is a public bus service which is really inexpensive, and it’s easy to arrange car hire (which is very cheap here) with collection and drop off at the airport. Contact to organise everything for you



Driving here is pretty straightforward – traffic is light and road signs are good, and as you can almost always see the ocean, it’s easy to orient yourself. We drive on the right. Look out for pedestrian crossings in the resorts, as there are many, and people tend to step out in front of cars, often looking the wrong way! Roundabouts can feel odd – the law here is the cars in the outside lane have priority, and when entering a main road up a slip road, you must give way to traffic.

 Fuel is quite cheap, especially diesel, and most filling stations employ attendants who will pump your fuel. “Full up” is “Lleno” in Spanish, pronounced “Yay no.”

Duty Free

The island is duty free and our equivalent to VAT is only 7%. That means bargains on perfumes, cigarettes and booze, and you’ll see many shops in the resorts that sell all of those. You’ll also come across loads of electrical shops selling tablets, phones and cameras. They aren’t all 100% genuine, so shop wisely – if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a fake.