This time visiting New England in the fall, how spectacular it was too. True to form as some of you may be aware we managed to miss the one MUST see due to a hurricane. Martha’s Vineyard has been on my wish list for years and it was disappointing not to be able to visit the island. Also The Mayflower had been taken away from Boston for refurbishment, never mind we had great fun.

We have had a few changes and this has caused a minor ripple but hopefully we are now back on track.

Its mid October and I have just been cleaning the casita ready for guests arriving tomorrow and its 36 degrees apparently the UK is in for some hot weather too.

We have had some lovely guests this year and hopefully many of them will be returning. Lanzarote has had a very busy year PLEASE if you wish to come over contact as soon as possible.

We hope to see you soon.