Teguise the old capital of Lazarote is renowned for its Sunday market is well worth a visit but my suggestion is to visit on a none market day and have a real ‘root’ around the shops; its a delight.

Mand and myself went a few weeks ago and were really impressed how much the whole town had improved. There are delightful shops, restaurants and cafes hidden away in the maze of winding streets.

Do go into the shops, many have other rooms leading off and there are some really imaginative gift ideas.

Park your car and explore it really is worth it. It is quite possible to walk there from Nazaret, not on the road, which you can do but on the unmade road cutting across the hill.

Restaurants? we recommend La Cantina which you can see in the photo and we understand that Icarus is much improved both are worth a visit for coffee, lunch or dinner. To be fair there are many more, so explore for yourselves and if you find any gems please let us know.