I have never been a lover of shopping and in particular ‘markets’ but  ventured to Teguise Market yesterday and have to admit I really enjoyed it! There was a great buzzy atmosphere and lots going on. What I particularly like is the way most of the stalls are away from the centre of the village which gives visitors much more room to have a good look round and enables the shops and bars to be entered much more easily.

I love the way they have made the stalls  all the same the whole set up is neat and tidy.

Apart from the expected ‘tat’ there were some really interesting stalls. Do wander around and dont miss out on the handicraft section just up from Icarus.

I actually purchased a lovely piece of lava stone sculpture and a new top! Don’t be afraid to barter its all part of the fun.

Obviously we pass Teguise regularly on our way to Nazaret and this morning I commented on the brilliant job the town hall does in clearing away after the market, there was nothing to give any clue that there were literally thousands of people there yesterday- well done!

I have vacancies in October November and December if you fancy a break before winter?

Jan x


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