The beautiful beach of Playa de la Cantería can be found to the left of Órzola at the foot of the Risco.

Playa de la canteriaDangerous Beach Orzola

This isn’t a beach for swimmers, there is a sign placed at the entrance to the beach prohibiting swimming, sadly lives have already been lost on this beach. It’s a lovely beach, one we particularly enjoy for walking around, there is a path above the beach to Valle Chico which has been excavated in the past for fossils, and a stone pathway to the right which follows the coastline around to the harbour and village. We’ve found some interesting items washed up here if you like beachcombing.

Track to Playa de la CanteriaFootpath to Valle Chico

Playa de la Cantería is popular with surfers for the sandy beach break.

To find the beach, take the first left after the two supermarkets at the entrance to the village of Órzola, keep going along the track for about a kilometre until you reach the car park.