During your stay I would highly recommend a visit to the North of the island calling in at the typical Spanish villages of Punta Mujeres and of course Arrieta. I am fortunate enough to live so very close to the beautiful beach in Arrieta so I’m biased.
Many visitors fail to get around our beautiful island and choose to stay in resorts and just ‘beach it.’ Not so you sensible people who choose to stay out of the resorts in our hand- picked rural accommodation 😁
A number of clients have asked me ‘ where do you recommend for lunch if I choose to make a day of it?’ In my next few posts I will make suggestions and hopefully you will approve.
My first recommendation is the small beach bar in Arrieta; saying this I would not have done so up to a few weeks ago as I found the food very greasy. However I have been twice in the last two weeks with returning clients and we loved it. A lovely selection of main meals are available including fresh fish from the grill but I would go for a selection of the very tasty tapas- 4 of us had 7 assorted tapas at 4 Euros per portion. We also had 5 beers water and 4 coffees and fresh bread (say if you don’t want it its automatically delivered to you) the bill was 47 euros, I thought this was very reasonable and the location is absolutley idyllic.
If do fancy making a day of it there are changing facilities and toilets a short walk away and at this time of the year the sea is at its warmest ,very safe for swimming and yards away. No one minds if you turn up in your beach gear.
The only downside is parking; in their wisdom the town hall decided to close the car park adjacent to the bar and turn it into a hardly ever used skate park and basketball pitch! You have to park as near to the beach as you can in the village and walk unfortunately but trust me it’s worth it.
As we say….’Only in Lanzarote!’